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Linksys FAQ

Question: What is the default web address used for Linksys Smart Wifi router and also default login credentials?


  • Default web address: www.linksyssmartwifi.com
  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: admin

Question: What are the troubleshooting tips if you have lost internet connection?


  • This may be caused because of a recent change in something. Make it like before and then check your internet connection.
  • If there is wired connection then make sure the wires are not loose. If the wires are loose then change them and then make a connection.
  • Software firewalls can also cause issue; you should know how to deal with them.

Question: Can’t be able to access setup page even the IP is correct?

Answer: If this is happening then maybe you are entering wrong credentials. Or the browser is unable to fetch how to supply the login credentials.

Question: What is media Prioritization?

Answer: A feature present in the Linksys routers that assign the network bandwidth to the devices according to the usage. The devices that need more bandwidth get more and which need less bandwidth get less.

Question: What is the use of Linksys cloud account?

Answer: Linksys Cloud account is used to access the Linksys router remotely. You can manage and control your Linksys router from anywhere. You just require an internet connection.

Question: Is it possible to join two or more networks to a single Linksys cloud account and if yes then how to access the settings for each?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to connect two or more networks with a single Linksys account. Linksys cloud account shows you a field named selected Linksys router. Select the Linksys Smart wifi router that you want to access and the settings will be shown to you in no time. This all can be done remotely from anywhere. The only condition is that router must be online.

Question: Is it possible to access my Linksys Smart wifi router when I am away from my home?

Answer: Yes, this is possible through the Linksys cloud account. Make an account and link it with your Linksys Smart Wifi router. After this, you will be able to manage your Linksys router from anywhere you want but you must have an internet connection to do so.

Question: How to backup configuration file for Linksys router and why it is important?

Answer: It is important because when you reset your router for a reason and want the same configuration as before then rather than doing all the settings again, this configuration file upload will do everything. This can only be possible by accessing the set up page of the router through a computer. The backup option is available under the troubleshooting option.

Question: What is the difference between Linksys Smart Wi-Fi and Linksys Connect Software?

Answer: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi can be accessed remotely as this is connected with a secure account and that account is Linksys cloud account. You can view and change the settings remotely. But the Linksys connect software allows you to manage and control the settings while you are operating a computer system from your home network.