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Efficient control with Linksys Smart Wifi Account

If you ever made a purchase of Router or a PC then you know there are a number of settings in your device. These settings are by default not activated & needs to be activated to secure your device. You Linksys smart Wi-Fi router also comes with security features that you can activate with few simple steps. These security settings safeguard your Network from internal & external threats. Nowadays manufacturers do every possible effort to make the easiest setup for their routers. In this way, non-technical background person can also set up their routers easily. We have come here with the important steps required for changing basic security settings of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router. As you know the heart of your home network is your router. So, if you configure your router properly it will reflect in working on your home network.

Also, do little research before you set up your router or purchasing router. You will get something new in every router. We can say that Linksys smart Wi-Fi router has all that is the basic need of any router user. Your router basic wireless settings ensure that your wireless network gets secured by any security vulnerability. So, now the question arises why we need to modify Basic wireless settings?

The Need for Modification in the Basic Wireless Settings

  •    First of all, it maintains uniqueness & security into your wireless network.
  •    You can name your wireless network name also known as SSID. Apart from this, you can setup Password & can choose the type security method. It gets applied to your n wireless devices or network.
  •    There is also an option of modifying the wireless channel that can resolve any wireless intrusion.
  •    Once you change the basic wireless setting of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router, it disconnects the entire devices from your router.

Let’s take a look at the Steps by which you can reconnect disconnected devices

  •    Go for Network icon located at the bottom right side of the computer screen.

Linksys smart Wi-Fi

  •    Now, pick your network from the list given & then click on Connect.
  •    On the window of Connect to a Network, type your password or Security key & click on OK button. Wait for some time until your computer gets connected to your network.
  •    In case, your network is not protected with any password then you will connect automatically. As per experts, it is better to secure your network to prevent other users to use your network without your knowledge.
  •    When you see a signal of Bars it means your computer has been connected to your network.
  •    Once you re-connect your device, move further for accessing Linksys cloud account.

Access Linksys cloud account

  •    First, open a web browser & enter web address myrouter.local into an address bar. If web address doesn’t work then try Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router default IP Address, & then press enter.
  •    If you get an issue with Linksys smart Wi-Fi router IP address, check if you have made any changes before.
  •    After this, type Router password in given box & click on Login button. Your router default password is Admin. In case, you have made any changes to it, enter the modified password.
  •    There is an alternate option of using Linksys cloud account. Click on the link at screen bottom.
  •    When you see Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Sign In page, type Email Address & Password & click on Login.
  •    Now, you are on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi home page. Here, you can configure or access in Router Settings & Smart Wi-Fi Tools.
  •    Click on the Wireless tab in Router settings option.
  •    It will display present wireless settings for both the wireless bands in a tab of a wireless band. Make a selection for wireless network radio band that you wish to change & then click on Edit.
  •    Here, you need to specify wireless security settings, you wish to set up.

Linksys smart Wi-Fi

  •    Next, click on Apply & then Ok for saving the changes made by you.

The option of wireless toll let users configure or accomplish the wireless security on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router. If you made your mind in future for any changes than you can access Linksys cloud account inside a local network. There are various specific Tools which can be accessed remotely or locally.

Clear Doubts directly From the Experts

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